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Tips on Cleaning Cast Iron

Cleaning cast iron is not like cleaning any other utensil at home as it involves a lot of dos and don’ts. The guidelines for cleaning cast iron should be highly considered before embarking on cleaning any cast iron at home. Cleaning cast iron involves is simple and understandable to grasp procedure that is highlighted at large below this article that one should adhere to while cleaning cast iron.

One of the vital steps to starting while cleaning cast iron is identifying the ideal cleaning materials and equipment to clean the cast iron.It is crucial to note that the cleaning tools and material for cleaning cast iron are specific as the cast iron cannot be cleaned by cleaning equipment.To add on to this, the cleaning detergents to be used and how much of the detergent to use is another major aspect to look into before embarking on cleaning your cast iron.

Another element to pay attention to before cleaning your cast iron is knowing the precise time to clean the cast iron which could be immediately or waiting for a few minutes after utilizing the cast iron. Cleaning the cast iron just after utilizing it is mostly proposed when the cast iron has not yet cooled off.The main reason for cleaning the cast iron just right after usage is due to the fact the leaving it in water will cause it to rust therefore will not serve you for a long time. Hot water is mostly preferred while cleaning cast iron as well as scrubbing the cast iron using bare hands to avoid removing the seasoning of the cast iron. Also, oils on the surface of the cast iron are eliminated by using hot water thus hot water is paramount in cleaning cast iron.

After successfully cleaning the cast iron with hot water, the next thing to do is to rinse off the cast iron and use a dry cloth or dry it at low heat. After drying off the cast iron the next guide is applying a considerable amount of oil on the surfaces of the cast iron then storing it in a clean and dry place.The other key elements to be intentional about is regularly using the cast iron for the correct purpose it was meant to do.There are times that you find that you have used the wrong material and equipment while cleaning the cast iron hence don’t know what to do. This is because there is an alternative for that as you can re-season your cast iron and it will be as good as you want it to be.

To conclude on the above procedures, it is essential to contemplate the kind, brand, and design of the cast iron you get from the local store as it determines the cleaning steps of the cast iron.

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